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Hi, my name is Gavin Jackson, and photography and video have always been two of my greatest passions and most enjoyable hobbies.  Ever since I received my first film camera, I've been hooked.  The idea of being able to capture an event, moment, memory, or place in time, and preserve it has intrigued and driven me.  I love travel, nature, exploring, and ,seemingly out of place compared to the others items: fashion.  While I still have a soft spot in my heart for film, digital photography changed everything completely.  The ability to see the results of what I was shooting immediately and tweak the shot or settings to get what I wanted more completely threw gasoline on the fire that had been started many years prior.

I also love video, whether as a medium for documenting events, capturing nature, or storytelling.  I'm a huge fan of drones and the creative outlets and unique perspectives they've opened and offered.

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